Birds by nature fly to landing spots such as roof ledges, building projections, sign posts, trusses, statues, and beams. This nature of birds leads to the invention of Pinnacles. Pinnacles are Ultra Violet Stabilized Polycarbonate spikes that can be applied to virtually any type of surface. The product is currently in its fourth generation and has been developed after extensive R&D


Poly Carbonate Bird Spikes(4 Rows)

Poly Carbonate Bird Spikes(2 Rows)


Aids in faster recovery from illness

Ultra Violet Protected - Sun and weather proof(Not affected by extreme temperatures)

Aids in faster recovery from illness

The Spikes are transparent and colorless and could be used on any surface

Aids in faster recovery from illness

Could be installed quickly without disturbing architectural beauty of a building

Aids in faster recovery from illness

Water repellent will have no adverse effect of even heavy monsoon, Heat resistant

Aids in faster recovery from illness

The product is durable and economical as compared to the other solutions available in the market

PIGEONS by nature fly to landing spots such as roof ledges, building projections, sign posts, trusses, statues, beams, etc. But now you can restrict them from landing on your property with ease, in a cost effective manner and to permanent effect. Introducing for the first time in India a product developed by our foreign Technical Collaborators, namely, M/s Hughes & Hughes Limited of United Kingdom of International standard with assured results. Deter pigeons from perching with our Ultra Violet Stabilized polycarbonate plastic spikes, which can be installed easily on virtually any types of surfaces.


Reputed Birds Spikes Manufacturer India for flawless exteriors minus bird droppings

Bid a permanent adieu to birds and bird droppings and associated hazards of shabby exteriors with PestGO Bird Spikes. These highly cost-effective deterrent spikes are produced by India’s top Bird Control Manufacturer and offer supreme flexibility to cover any type of exterior surface.

Birds can prove to be a devastating problem due to their droppings. Bird droppings are not only harmful to the aesthetics of exterior but can also be hazardous to our health. Acidic nature of bird excreta can cause irreversible damage to exterior surfaces. Our innovative Anti Bird Net Control services backed by painstaking research present an ultimate solution to deal with the menace of birds without causing any harm to the feathered friends.

PestGO spikes are ideal for deterring birds from perching on sign-posts, roof ledges, statues, beams and even air-conditioning units. Since these spikes are made by using Ultra Violet Stabilized Polycarbonate material, these offer excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and harsh UV rays from sunlight. Colorless and transparent spikes do not interfere with exterior design or surface coating.

Climate-proof Bird Spikes Control Services for long-lasting performance

Bird Gel Deterrent is the most sought after bird prevention solution offered by the reputable bird spikes manufacturer in Delhi. These spikes are designed for easy installation even by a layperson and can be extended to cover any length of the exterior surface due to simple mechanism of male-female joints. One can choose from two-rows or four-rows spike models depending upon the requirement.

Ultra-modern design and guaranteed functionality are key features of these climate-proof, fire-proof and electronically neutral spikes made by the leading bird spikes manufacturer India. The inert Ultra Violet Stabilized Polycarbonate material of these birds deterrent spikes is non-conductive and therefore does not interfere with electronic signals and communication devices.

Our Pigeon Control deterrent spike systems are offering gratifying results. This is proved time and again by testimonials from a diverse spectrum of corporate as well as individual clients.